Frequently Asked Questions


1. What exactly is your "formula"?

2. What is the accuracy of your formula?

3. Is your trading system hard to learn?

4. I do not use the Metatrader platform. Would I still be able to predict the market using your formula?

5. What currency pairs and time frames will your formula work on?

6. What will I need in order to use this trading method?

7. Will your system be available for Metatrader 5?


1. How can I get the DEMO version?

2. What is the difference between the DEMO and FULL versions?

3. Is it possible to have an EA trade this indicator?

4. Does your indicator repaint?

5. Can I use it to trade Binary Options?

6. What does your indicator display?

7. What should I expect when using your indicator?

8. How do I use your indicator?

9. I saw the indicator delete signals, why?

10. I do not see any predictions. What is wrong?

11. What does the 'Strength' mean?

12. What settings should I use?

13. The panel does not align properly on my screen. Why?

14. Can you tell me more about your Indicator?


1. When I receive the system, can I share it?

2. How soon will I receive my order?

3. What will I receive?

4. What does a License entitle me to?

5. What happens to my License if I want to buy a new computer?

6. What is the refund policy?

7. How can I trust your company?

8. If I buy, do you give any guarantees of profit?

9. Why should I choose you?

10. How do I get it to run?

11. How many account numbers can I use this on?

12. Can I pay with another method other than Paypal and Cryptocurrencies?

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